About ESA

About Us

Ebtekar Shimi Alborz Company was established in 2011 with a consulting approach and to introduce technical and engineering advices for solving structural and civil problems and issues of the country. From the very beginning the company has sought producing high quality chemical products for buildings and during the company’s existence we have been able to solve a significant share of project’s problems within the country by the use of our powerful team’s experience. In this complex, we have been able to produce more than 100 applicable products in field of concrete additive, sealing, stabilizing, mastics, surface protection systems, and joinery by the use of high quality raw materials, the most recent experimental advances and machines. We will be with you from excavation to end of your project! It is worth mentioning that in accordance with above mentioned abilities we are able to produce custom-built products according to technical conditions of your project (special production). These special productions can decrease the total cost of the project significantly. The complex have always had an intensive eye on Research and Development sector (R&D). We can proudly state that we are equipped with the most updated knowledge and most of our products are labeled “environmental friendly”.